About Me

Effie Ross
Photo Credit: Sidra Ross (age 5)

Effie was born in Marin County, CA, sometime in the early 80s. He grew up playing in the hills, woods, and creeks of Lucas Valley, and also on his original Nintendo Entertainment System.

He was educated in Orthodox Jewish day schools and at Camp Winnarainbow, a circus camp run by bona fide 1960s hippies. After some wandering, Effie earned a degree in Women and Gender Studies at Arizona State University.

His career as a professional writer and graphic designer has included work in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, including 6+ years of marketing agency experience.

He’s always loved writing and drawing, but didn’t publish anything until later in life. His works include a 140-page translation of an esoteric Jewish text, a much shorter collection of original bedtime stories, and some kids books.

Effie currently lives outside of Chicago, IL, with his wife, four kids, and a robo-vacuum named Rosie.